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On the Eve of the Anniversary...

A year ago tomorrow is the anniversary of the worst mass murder in Colorado in a century.

On New Year;s Day 2012, two, twenty-four-year-old men celebrated in Colorado.

• Each was 6’3”.

• Each recently moved to the state.

• Each grew up in middle-class white families.

• Each family attended church regularly.

• Each worked with young people during summer breaks.

• Each received a full-ride college scholarship.

• Each excelled in his chosen field of study.

• Each moved to Colorado to advance his career.

• Each changed the world with his actions. • Each made headlines in 2012.

The similarity ends there.

• One young man single-highhandedly brought in millions of dollars to a struggling Broncos organization while the other one struggled.

• One young man encouraged many with his compassion while the other one lacked compassion.

• One young man caused thousands to cheer in a brightly-lit stadium while the other caused indescribable suffering in a dimly-lit theater.

• One young man visited children in hospitals but the other one sent children to hospitals and morgues.

• One young man proudly thanked his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but the other had few friends.

The first young man, Tim Tebow, continues to be a positive role model. The other one is in prison charged with twenty-four counts of first degree murder for his actions at an Aurora theater on July 20, 2012.

Let’s encourage boys to be like the first (Tim Tebow) and pray to be more aware of ways to help those like the second.

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