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27 Years Ago

Mom, I never would have imagined 27 years ago when we said goodbye, the woman I would be today would miss you as much as ever or ...

...That I'd ever laugh or enjoy life again.

...That the tears I cried would make me more tolerant of imperfection and less tolerant of superficiality.

....That as I am six years older than you’ll ever be, my wisdom can be boiled down to this “Love God and love people” and prayer is my lifeline.

...That the times I picked up the phone to ask or tell you something made me turn to the ONE who has all the answers and understands every desire of my heart.

...That the pain I recognized as a broken heart was real and hasn’t yet gone completely away.

...That I’d meet Robert, the man you were always convinced I was waiting for, and we’d have the most precious, intelligent, good looking son.

...That we’d name him for your father, another intelligent man of integrity who overcame every rough time and never gave up.

...That I wish I’d been as good teaching Adam as you were teaching me what really mattered in life.

...That my hugsband’s daughter would marry a man as perfect for her and make me a grandmother.

....That I’d travel so many places and add spoons to your collection now hanging in our home.

...That like you always said, “You have lots of ideas and could probably write books.”

...That I’d realize no one but God will ever believe in me like you did.

...That in May 13, 1993, I couldn’t have known that though I can no longer hug you, you’d always be in my heart and that somehow I’m the woman I’ve become because you went to Heaven early. Also, I believe I'm a better person as a result and the promise of Heaven is even more precious.

I love you, Mom.

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