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Loni Kemper Moore is a sports cheering, Diet-Pepsi sipping, Rocky Mountain adventure-seeking kind of girl. She’s passionate for God and wants to share His beautiful love through life’s ugliness with remarkable women around the globe. Her writing came alive in 2010 after she broke her ankle. The crazy time of  being laid up forced her to flip through decades of diaries which inspired the story that became Hope Travels Through and reminded her of family stories which became Hope Lights a Flame, a Sterling Silver Receiver story. When she’s not writing, she’s an entertainer, technical support analyst; mom of a college student named Adam; traveler with Robert, her dear “Hugsband,” stepmom to 2015 Becca and her husband, Anthony; and grandmother of Naomie. With her experiences of learning to trust God through tragedy, being employed by travel agencies and Delta Air Lines, and attending University of Evansville graduate school, this history nerd enjoys to learn and hopes you'll enjoy the results.


Hope Travels Through

October 26, 2017

TeJae Smythe gave up on God and her hometown of Evansville, Indiana, ten years ago, but a deep personal loss requires her to return to both. Her life as a stewardess is going to be perfect. She has a plan. If only life would stick to it.

In Hope Travels Through, TeJae finds the biggest challenge comes from the conflict within herself. Will she hold it all together? Or will she fall apart and embrace the beauty in the midst of disaster?

Based on actual events of December 13, 1977, a date most people don’t remember, but one many living in the Ohio River Valley will never forget, the crash of the University of Evansville men’s basketball team plane.”

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Hope Lights a Flame

​A Sterling Silver Receiver story

Hoping to earn enough money to finish college and trying to forget his past, including Effie, the woman who broke his heart, Walker Smythe takes the three-day train ride from Indiana to the Texas Panhandle to become a cowhand. Instead, he ends up taking a teaching position in Clayton, New Mexico, when the current teacher breaks the moral clause of his contract. A man questioning his faith and straight as an arrow, Walker doesn’t have to worry about moral clauses. At least, not until he realizes the only woman who has caught his attention since Effie is one of his students.


Seventeen-year-old Francesca “Chessa” Campbell would give anything to have her perfect family back. Instead, her father faces a death sentence, her mother falls sick, and her Mexican heritage is suddenly making her the target of prejudice in her small New Mexico town. Then a single act irrevocably changes her life forever . . . and rescue comes in the unlikely form of her new teacher, Walker Smythe.


Thrown together by fate and circumstance, Walker and Chessa try to forge a life together based on their mutual attraction and shared belief in God. But as drought hits the American southwest and dust storms swirl across the plains, they’ll be challenged in ways they never imagined in this compelling story of faith, redemption, and the power of love, set during 1930s America.


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"If you lived through the 1970’s, this book will ring as true as your own memories. If you didn’t, it will provide you with a vivid picture of that transitional time. But the human, romantic, well-told story will touch you, no matter when you were born."

Nancy Rue

Award-winning American novelist and author

of more than 120 books for adults,

teens, and tweens




I love historical fiction novels so I was anxious to read this debut novel by Loni Kemper Moore. It brought me back to the year my daughter was born and reminded me of the events and people that shaped that point in time. In spite of some of TeJae's and Mikel's choices, God was working in their lives to bring them together and to the place where he should show them his higher good. Congratulations, Loni!  -- Lexie

When Jadey and Mikel have a "chance meeting," in Hawaii, you expect that they are going to wind up together.
BUT...Loni Moore keeps you guessing how it is actually going to work out, with a "supporting cast" of interesting characters, and, set against the backdrop of the crash of the plane carrying the University of Evansville basketball team. Although the historical event of the crash of the plane was not something I related to personally, it provided a gripping historical context. And there were numerous references that I could relate to from my home in the Denver metro area. I found the book both interesting and engaging to read. If author Moore writes another book, I will certainly pick it up to read it, too.  – Pastor Dave Kummer

It was a pleasure to watch TeJae mature through tragedy and to see how Mikel was able to help her. As a Delta Brat for many years, I loved being reminded of all the traveling my family did back during the 70's. Especially since my parents have both passed away, anything having to do with airplanes warms my heart and brings back sweet memories of my Daddy (he worked for Delta from 1956 until about 1997, I think.) –Laurie Strickland


Hope Lights a Flame

A Silver Receiver Story



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